Inmate Services

When someone you care about is incarcerated, it is certainly a stressful time.  The family, friends and loved ones of the individual in custody also deal with a great amount of stress relating to the incarceration.
To reduce some of this stress, it is important to know and understand the rules and regulations of the facility.
  • Can I visit?
  • When can I visit and where?
  • Can I bring clothes, money, food?

These questions and others you may have should be answered prior to the trip downtown to avoid any misunderstandings.

Click here to view the Inmate Property Rules & Regulations for the Monroe County Jail and Monroe County Correctional Facility. Click here to view the Inmate Information for the Miami-Dade County detention facilities.

Remember the rules and regulations and policies of any organization change frequently and without notice.  Use these only as a guideline.
Be sure to park at a legal meter, paid parking or adjacent parking lots when visiting at the Monroe County Jail or Miami-Dade detention facilities.